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Brand Influence

Brand Influence

psychology driven brand & design agency

helping women-owned businesses create more
influence & impact

psychology driven brand & design agency

helping women-owned businesses create more
influence & impact

See latest projects
See latest projects
— What We Do

We are here to elevate your business through flawless brand strategy, design psychology, and irresistible influence.

Most people think the “visual styling” of a brand is the most important part. But what most overlook is, the foundation that a brand strategy provides.

A solid brand strategy is what elevates, scales, and increases impact. It bleeds into your messaging, visual styling, team building etc.

We might even argue that it is the heart and soul of a business.

Design is meant to be felt and inspire movement. It does this without saying any words. It can be the deciding factor as to why a potential client will buy from you and not someone else.

Design Psychology will make your prospective clients feel seen and heard by visuals alone. It will call in the right people and gently nudge them to interact with your brand.

Design Psychology is what separates our work from others in the industry. We want you to understand your clientele, your business and inner workings of your brand so we can communicate that flawlessly through the visual styling of your brand.

We love blending the feminine/artsy world of design with a structured flow of strategy. Strategy is what holds a brand and business together. It is what helps scale and grow companies.

We work with our clients to get super clear on their brand strategy, website strategy and marketing strategy. To get all their ‘ducks in a row’ so they don’t burn out and to have a solid plan for their brand and business.

— A Brief Look At What We Specialize In

Since 2015 we have been creating mesmerizing custom brands and websites for market leaders, coaches, health professionals, and other online businesses.

— Brand Messaging

— Brand Values

— Brand Clarity

— Brand Visual Styling

— Journal Design

— Marketing Direction

— Innovative Web Design

— Course Platform Development

— Ecommerce


Transform Your Business, Transform Your Life

these ladies did

Dr. Rachel

Functional Medicine Doctor

Melanie Ann Layer

Business Coach

Dr. Erin Oksol


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